Our Heritage

In a World of Firsts, We Don’t Settle for Second Best

To give you the best compact equipment for every jobsite, we continually search for new innovations, new technologies and new solutions that set the bar. Since we introduced the world’s first compact diesel engine in 1933, we’ve continued to lead the industry, and we’re not done yet.

1912 – Yanmar Founded

1933 – World’s First Compact Diesel Engine

1968 – Developed World’s First Self-Propelled Mini Excavator

1969 – Introduced the World’s First Compact Crawler Excavator

1972 – World’s First Build-In Traction Motor

1972 – World’s First Full-Circle Turning Mini Excavator

1976 – Introduced the First Noise Reduction Mini Excavator

1978 – Developed the First Rubber Tracked Mini Excavator

1982 – World’s First 4-Pump Independent Swivel Control Mini Excavator

1989 – World’s First Rounded Body Mini Excavator

1993 – World’s First Zero Tail-Swing Mini Excavator

1997 – Introduced Yanmar Original Off-Set Crawlers (VICTAS)

1998 – Originator of the Yanmar Boom Sigma Series

2000 – Industry Originator to the Yanmar Quick Coupler

2004 – Launched the Yanmar Cylinder Guard System

2017 – Introduced the Independent 2-Pump Load Sensing System