Engines are our heart and soul

Performance, Reliability and Efficiency Renowned the World Over

Yanmar performance can be found in virtually every industry and in every corner of the world, from agriculture to industrial to marine, and everything in between. Each one engineered and manufactured with precise craftsmanship and then backed by a promise and track record that has defined the Yanmar name. Our engines define our continuous pursuit of performance, increased efficiency, reduced emissions, and unrelenting reliability. More importantly, our proof can be found in our customers who trust Yanmar engines to get the job done, every time.   

15 Million

15 million Yanmar engines have been manufactured since 1933.


4.5 to 5,000 horsepower range in both diesel and gasoline.


Countless industries utilize Yanmar engines around the globe.

Tier 4 Engines

Tier 4 Final engines build on legacy of performance and efficiency.

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Advanced engine control

Precision is the name of the game when it comes to optimizing performance and efficiency. Yanmar diesel engines utilize advanced electronic controls that monitor every critical metric more than thousand times a second to ensure fuel, air and timing come together with absolute precision for optimum power, reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency.

Cooled EGR system

The exhaust gas recirculation system found on a Yanmar engine features a cooled flow that is then reintroduced into the cylinders. With a higher concentration of oxygen and the cooler temperature, emission levels are reduced.
Yanmar Compact Equipment | Engines
Yanmar Compact Equipment | Engines

Diesel particulate filter

Our Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system allows us to physically capture over 90% of diesel particulates before they can be released to the atmosphere. Not only is the system extremely effective, but it has also proven to be incredibly durable, able to withstand both mechanical and thermal breakdown.

Regeneration system

A combination of intake air control to raise the internal temperature of the DPF, and the introduction of a small amount of fuel after combustion into the cylinder head ensures soot particles are effectively burned and regeneration occurs.
Yanmar Compact Equipment | Engines