With Over 100 Years of Experience the Choice is Clear

When a job must get done, utility contractors don’t have the time for possible solutions, they need equipment they can trust. Machines that are ready anytime, and for any jobsite. With more than 100 years of compact equipment experience, Yanmar is the brand utility crews around the world are turning to when getting it done is the only option.

Yanmar, utility construction equipment


It starts with ease of transportation, and then our tractive force, digging depth, boom reach, lifting capacity, and breakout force coupled with the help of our patented utility hook quickly gets the job done. From drainage culverts to septic service, Yanmar performance is the one.


When you need to repair a downed power line or sewer main break, time matters. Yanmar compact equipment allow for fast and easy transportation, and provides the versatility and performance to dig deep, work in tight areas, and lift new pipes or downed trees.
Yanmar, utility construction equipment
Yanmar, utility construction equipment


Keep tabs on run time, fuel consumption, the location of your equipment, and more with SmartAssist telematics. Advanced Yanmar technology allows you to manage and monitor multiple machines across multiple jobsites.


Being fast and efficient doesn’t happen unless you have the durability and dependability to be on the jobsite day in and day out. The unprecedented reputation of Yanmar reliability is backed by either a 4-year, 4,000-hour warranty for excavators, or a 3-year, 3,000-hour warranty on wheel loaders and tracked carriers.
Yanmar, utility construction equipment