SMARTASSIST Remote Service

SMARTASSIST Remote Service


Real Time Telematics Provides Peace of Mind – Every Minute, Every Day

Save time, money, and manpower with the advanced telematics technology of SmartAssist. More than just electronic data collection, SmartAssist telematics allows your machine to share vital vehicle information and operating performance with Yanmar technicians where it is then analyzed and overlaid with an optimized maintenance and service schedule. With SmartAssist, maintenance is tailored for your equipment and the operating conditions you encounter. You’ll save money and time by averting costly breakdowns, eliminating internal equipment management programs, and extending the life of your machine.


“Thanks to SmartAssist Telematics, our company was able to recover a stolen mini-excavator and have it back in service in less than 48-hours.”

 – R. Brown, President Fiber Optic Solutions 


  • Utilizes GPS and telematic communications for real time data viewing.
  • Geo-fencing and run-time scheduling provides additional security.
  • Remotely monitor and track an entire fleet or a single machine.
  • Receive real-time information including location and performance data.
  • Compile data into reports or easy-to-read single page dashboards.
  • Measure key performance indicators and better assess profitability.
  • Provides preventive service scheduling resulting in less downtime.