About Us

About Us

We Are A Reflection Of The Customers We Serve

At Yanmar Compact Equipment North America, we are committed to being a leader in the compact equipment industry. To get there, we strive to give our customers the right solutions, the right tools, and the right support to get the job done and build a better tomorrow. We know every customer and every job is unique, and we work to understand those individual needs and provide the solutions necessary to succeed and help your business grow.

2,500 Employees

within Yanmar Compact Equipment

4 Factories

Located on 3 Continents

100 Years

of Jobsite Equipment Expertise

700 Dealers

on 6 Continents

We’re Builders Like You

We are fueled by passion and take pride in engineering and building the best compact equipment solutions in the industry.

Make Every Jobsite Better

Through a collaborative effort with our customers, we work towards greater efficiency, quality and safety on every jobsite.

Our Legacy Wears Work Boots

Success requires hard work and determination, grounded with honesty and integrity. Like you, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Always Leading the Way

Our innovations and products have been recognized by some of the world’s most recognized and respected brands

Hard Work Rewarded

2021 Top 50 Contractor Award

The Yanmar SV40 mini excavator was recognized as the top rate construction product.

2020 Innovative Iron Award

Our SV40 mini excavator received the top rating amongst all compact equipment.

2021 Innovative Iron Award

The Yanmar Excavator Utility Hook was the top rated compact equipment attachment.